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Welcome to our African touring section. If you are wanting to go to Africa on a tour, we’ve got you covered. Journey through impressive countryside where wildlife, diverse cultures and fascinating history abound and friendships can form because you are travelling through Africa with like minded people with a great guide.

We have literally dozens of possibilities for you to choose from and the trips we recommend are good quality for great personal reward. We like to use 4×4 vehicles not buses, highly qualified guides with great personalities and either tented or accommodated so you are not pitching tents and stirring pots – instead you enjoy every moment of being on safari in Africa. Read more about why it’s great to travel on an African tour in the blog (click the button below).

Our African tour collections outlined below showcase just some of our favourites and most popular. It is not our full range, for that it’s best to chat with one of our specialists and see what African tour would suit you best.

We’ve created three collections and each one has a ‘digital catalogue’ that you can explore by the click of a button below. Then once you enter the catalogue you can see different itineraries and ascertain what suits you best.  If you don’t find the perfect African tour, remember call and let’s start a conversation, we’ll find something perfect for you.

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Signature African Tours

This collection of African tours showcases itineraries we design and promote specifically for some of Australia’s top photographers, pilots and golfers to name a few. They are bespoke group tours where you are accompanied by professionals in their respective field.

These tours are as unique as a signature, designed based on what the professionals love about Africa and wish to share with guests on their African tour designed exclusively by Encompass Africa.

Signature African Tours

Price Range African Tours

This collection of African Tours is organised in terms of budget.

Bronze for budget – classic tours offering great experiences, comfort at an affordable price usually under AUD5,000 per person for land arrangements.

Silver for mid range – ultimate tours designed for immersive experiences and great safaris at a mid range price, usually between AUD5,000 and AUD10,000 per person for land arrangements.

Gold for high end – We use the term luxury lightly here. This category within the collection is for the luxury moments in Africa that may not be white linen, silver service, champagne and caviar. It is more about the luxury of experience – exclusive access, remote places untouchable by mass tourism and other amazing rewards. Priced over AUD10,000 per person.

Price Range African Tours

Destination African Tours

This range has been created showing a selection of tours available in the regions of Africa. We’ve divided Africa into East and South.

East – Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia

South – South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi

Whether you seek a short South Africa tour taking in the highlights or a more immersive adventure that explores areas in greater depth we can match you to the perfect tour.

Destination African Tours

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