Our Influencers: Storytelling Africa

Conservation and Creativity

Storytelling Africa is all about sharing the beauty of Africa through creativity, be that written word, paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures or any other artistic form.

We have been telling stories for as long as we have been human. Stories are key to our communication in life and help us to convey what we care about and value most, our purpose, passions and values.

Here at Encompass Africa, it is a heartfelt honour to partner with some of Australia’s finest creatives to tell their stories through creativity.

Here we also share stories from our safari guide team and friends on the ground here in Australia and Africa so you can read first hand some of their experiences.

Our Artistic Influencers: Storytelling Africa

Encompass Africa is proud to work with a selection of Australian based artists as part of our creativity and conservation initiative – raising awareness of Africa’s wilderness and wildlife conservation efforts.

Our Guiding Influencers: Storytelling Africa

Encompass Africa is proud to have qualified, highly experienced guides on the team and we introduce them here. With Africa their complete obsession and conservation their passion, we are thrilled to introduce you and allow the gents to share some of their stories with you here.

Also visit our Ask A Guide YouTube channel for great content where our guides answer commonly asked questions when it comes to travelling Africa.

Our Photographic Influencers: Storytelling Africa

Encompass Africa is blessed to work with and know a number of outstanding professional, amateur and aspiring photographers from Australia and beyond who travel Africa frequently and love to share their stories.