Travel Safe: Be Insured to be Sure

Travel insurance is essential for any holiday destination. At Encompass Africa, we insist all of our guests have travel insurance before they depart and ideally, at the time of booking. This then protects your deposit (which is non refundable) should the need to cancel arise and be deemed ‘bonafide’ by your insurer.

Here we outline some of our top tips when considering travel insurance for African holidays.

We also have a link where you can get an obligation free insurance for Africa travel quote from one of the top travel insurance companies who have helped hundreds of travellers around the world stay safe.

Where to start…

Nobody likes to think something will go wrong when travelling overseas on holidays. Yet if things do go awry it is essential that you have the right protection and the problem resolved as quickly as possible. This will ensure the best outcome for you be that medical attention, returning home or assistance with lost luggage.

In Africa the medical and hospital system is not free and the good ones are not cheap. Given the distances and remote safari locations, getting to hospital if you need it can be expensive.  So choosing the right travel insurance provider for an African safari should not be taken lightly. Don’t make the decision purely on price, think quality of coverage first and foremost.


Insurance Tips

1. Know what you are taking with you and how much it is worth. Nothing more devastating than a monkey stealing your camera and not having ample cover to replace it.

2. Know what activities you are doing or wanting to experience and make sure the policy covers it. Some insurance policies forbid unscheduled boat or plane rides and exclude dangerous activities like white water rafting.

3. Know your medical conditions and declare them. If you have pre-existing medical conditions and do not declare, the insurance policy may not ‘pay out’ if something happens and the company finds out your condition was ‘known to you and the medical system’.

4. Understand what is covered should your bags be delayed or go missing. Nothing worse than turning up, stepping off the plane only to discover your bags didn’t make the connection. Good policies cover up to a certain amount in the first 24 hours, then it increases as time goes by.

Insider knowledge

An important question you should be asking your travel insurance company is whether they have in-house medical experts and a flight desk.

This is crucial for international holiday travel because it means the insurer can make immediate decisions based on your condition, what facilities are closest to you and access the flight system to make the necessary arrangements to get you where you may need to go. Believe it or not, these essential services do not come standard with every insurance company.

We work with Allianz and Covermore. Both of these companies offer in house medical staff, flight desk and immediate lost baggage cover (varies per company, ask us for details) so you can travel effortlessly and be assured of the right help when it is needed most.

If you book your insurance with us we retain details on file and pass these on to our ground partners. If, in the unlikely event an issue or emergency arises, we immediately kick into action and work alongside travel partners, the insurers, their medical experts and the airlines to ensure the very best care is received and you return home safe and sound.

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