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This is what we do every day because Encompass Africa only specialises in Africa. What that means is we are the best at it and know all the intricate details that will guarantee truly rewarding holidays to Africa.

Planning a holiday to Africa should be exciting not stressful.

You may be considering your very first holiday to Africa and have no idea where to start. In this case, we spend as long as it takes to create an itinerary that is exactly right for you.  You may be an experienced safari traveller looking for the next best thing and we can share our discoveries with you to ensure the next safari holiday is a true adventure or expedition.

We start with a conversation – simply asking questions about everyone travelling with you to find out if there is anything in particular you are keen to see and do on your holiday to Africa. Within our team we have experts on planning honeymoons in Africa, family safaris, horseriding safaris, migration safaris, gorilla and chimpanzee trekking, photographic safaris, off the beaten track adventure expeditions beyond the brochures and so much more.

We find out everything we need before allocating you the best specialist for your trip. It’s always a team effort and we like our boutique approach and high level of personal service.

Frequently asked questions

When should I start planning? Put simply, the sooner the better because Africa is really popular these days and with more notice there is a wider choice of safari accommodation. Ideally 9 – 12 months in advance. If you are a larger group of family and friends, best to allow at least 12 months.

Having said that, we are rather good at putting together last minute safari holidays in a matter of days and our record is 7 hours!

How many countries should I aim to visit? We believe in quality over quantity and like to find out the time you have available to travel, the pace you prefer and then we can suggest combining a number of different destinations. To give you an idea, Africa is generally viewed as Southern and East Africa. Time and money are best spent focusing on one or the other. Namibia combines easily with Botswana whilst gorilla tracking in the Congo, Rwanda or Uganda combines wonderfully with a classic safari holiday in Tanzania or Kenya.

How much time should I allow for my safari holiday? Africa is a significant sized continent and depending on the countries and regions you wish to explore, we recommend a minimum of seven to ten nights if you are flying all the way from somewhere like Australia, Singapore or New Zealand.  On average, our guests are travelling for two weeks including flight time. We do our best to maximise your time on holidays by carefully considering flights that avoid ‘dead nights’ in airport hotels. Light aircraft flights are incorporated often to get you between regions rather than road transfers – nothing beats an aerial perspective of Africa. This means even your transfers form part of the adventure safari.

What so I need to do to prepare for my safari holiday departure? Planning your holiday is really exciting and fun. Equally, once you have confirmed your safari booking the pre-departure preparation can be fantastic. With an online safari concierge, we provide extensive information that contains everything you need to know prior to departure. The team is also available to answer any questions you may have and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Encompass Africa’s service goes into overdrive when you depart because our Guests in Africa service monitors every move. Our team meet you at airports, camps and hotels give us updates and we manage a 24/7 emergency phone line should an issue arise.

Do we ever have contact again after the holiday? We have worked closely with you, designed your dream safari holiday and so for us, the story isn’t complete until we’ve heard all about your African travel experience. We love to see photos, hear the stories and feedback so we can share it with our team and other potential travellers so decisions are made on seeing real stories from our travellers.

We also have a fantastic tribe and referral initiative, more on that once you book.

Use the information in our planning section to get a better feel for what you can expect on safari with Encompass Africa.

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