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Welcome to our safari service desk. We are here to help you bring a safari holiday idea to reality. From concept to completion, our service desk staff provide an unparalleled guest experience.

Our company name says it all, encompass. Our service encompasses each and every component required for luxury safari holidays to Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

We offer safari expertise in 17 countries (18 if you count Zanzibar separately), flight bookings and insurance plus a safari concierge once you book. Read more on the various components of our service below, get a free insurance quote and do the quiz to see if you are ready for an Africa holiday.

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Flight Reservations

Flight Desk goes beyond African Safaris

Encompass Africa runs a full flight desk with access to great rates plus it means all of your logistics are with one entity. We constantly monitor flight changes and check arrangements before you travel to ensure there have not been any time changes or worse still, cancellations. It does happen and quite often simply because the airlines operate tight schedules with uncompromising safety requirements.

If your African safari is impacted by a flight change, we are immediately notified and can swing into action and work with travel partners to reduce the impact. If we don’t book your flights, it’s difficult to assist when we find out so late from you that there has been an issue. It is important for you to know that we will still do our very best to ensure the safari holiday arrangements are not impacted significantly with the flight change or cancellation.

We understand that many guests are visiting Africa at the same time as they either join a work commitment in Europe or simply want to enjoy the best of both worlds in one trip. In this case we have the know how to assist with your flights.

We can work with our airline partners to find you favourable fares to both Africa and Europe. Emirates and Etihad offer brilliant fares incorporating Eastern African and Europe at a reasonable rate. Another great option is with Lufthansa with offer great Round the World Fares visiting Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe.

Insurance through the service desk

Nobody likes to think something will go wrong when travelling overseas on holidays. Yet if things do go awry it is essential that you have the right protection and the problem resolution as quickly as possible. This will ensure the best outcome for you be that medical attention, returning home or assistance with lost luggage.

Choosing the right travel insurance provider should not be taken lightly. Don’t make the decision purely on price, think quality of coverage first.

What coverage is offered? Does it ensure your valuables are protected? What are the lost baggage terms and conditions? You will need immediate insurance cover so money is available to pay for items that are in your bag and not accessible for an unknown period of time.


A crucial question to ask the travel insurance companies you are considering is whether they have inhouse medical staff and a flight desk? This means they can make immediate decisions on your health and condition and also access the flight system and make arrangements to get you where you may need to go for help. Believe it or not, these services do not come with every insurance company.

We work with Covermore and Allianz. Both companies offer in house medical staff, flight desk, immediate lost baggage cover (varies per company, ask us for details) and more so you can travel effortlessly and assured of the right help when it’s needed most.

If you book your insurance with us we retain details on file and pass these on to our ground partners. If, in the unlikely event an issue or emergency arises, we immediately kick into action and work alongside travel partners, insurers and airlines to ensure a less traumatic return home to your loved ones.

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