Zimbabwe and Botswana's Wildlife & Waterfalls

14 nights

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This tailor-made itinerary was crafted for a lovely couple who came in seeking the ultimate safari adventure with a diversity of landscapes, wildlife and safari activities getting them close to the action.


(based on the feedback from guests)

  • The elephant hide in Hwange. Worth going to Zimbabwe just for that
  • Predators galore.  Tracking a leopard which had killed an impala right outside tent 3 at Lagoon. Our guide Johnson was brilliant. Took nearly an hour to find, but we had excellent views of it walking around and it ended up in the classic leopard position stretched out on a branch in full view.
  • Encountering and following a pack of 8 adult and 13 wild dog puppies on the hunt.  We chased them for a while but we had to divert around some dense scrub. By the time we caught up with them [max 3 minutes] they had caught/killed an impala and all 13 puppies were gorging themselves.
  • Many cheetah encounters, in all 3 camps.
  • Elephants galore
  • Hippos outside our cabin all night at Lagoon
  • Lots of lions – including 6 lionesses and sub adults swimming across a waterway, getting soaked through – most un-catlike!
  • Wild dogs at all places – we hadn’t seen them before
  • All types of antelopes including a herd of 9 sable
  • Wonderful birds including masses of carmine bee eaters at their breeding place
  • Boat and mokoro trips – so peaceful and relaxing after the bouncing and dust

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Guest feedback

“Logistically everything went like clockwork – all the meeters and greeters, and drivers were all exactly where we were expecting them to be and at the right time. All were pleasant and  helpful. Mack Air was efficient and impressive in their punctuality. Initially we had some trepidation about going to Zimbabwe, but our experience changed that. We found the people we dealt with there to be some of the warmest and friendliest of the trip. And we never felt unsafe. I will have no hesitation recommending Encompass Africa to anyone who wants a holiday in Africa. Where so much potentially could go pear-shaped, everything went absolutely smoothly. We loved it” – Eve Jackson