Gorillas, game and glamour

25 nights

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This outstanding tailor-made itinerary takes in the absolute very best of Africa from East to South.  It was designed with diversity in mind for guests who were trying to absolutely work through their wish list. We peppered the itinerary with surprises to ensure the very best range of experiences and adventure.

This itinerary gets you close to the endangered mountain gorillas, sees you head off in search of the Big Five on safari in the Serengeti. It takes you to the Spice Island for a touch of Robinson Crusoe magic and your safari finale is time spent in the buzzing city of Cape Town.


  • Gorilla trekking, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • Big game safari, Tarangire National Park
  • UNESCO World heritage site, Ngorongoro Crater
  • The famous Serengeti for an awesome safari
  • Zanzibar for island paradise
  • Stone Town, Zanzibar for cobbled streets, spice markets and sunset cocktails
  • Cape Town exploring

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Guest feedback

Firstly, I just want to say that our holiday ran like clockwork from the moment we boarded our flight in Sydney until we landed back home yesterday! So thank you for all the organising you did. It was wonderful to have such a trouble free travel experience. We had expected to have a great holiday but it was far more than great. Exceptional, incredible, amazing, exciting, unforgettable… all those words blended together might come close to describing our experience. We have travelled all around the world but this would have been the best holiday we have ever had! All the accommodation you chose were great. They were very clean, comfortable and the staff, warm and friendly. A particular mention to our three different tented camps. Absolutely loved them! The staff in each camp were all exceptionally helpful, funny, and so very friendly. It was a joy to come back to camp each afternoon and be welcomed so warmly.. My least favourite was the Sopa Lodge at Ngorongoro, but only for the size which made it less intimate than the lodges, but we still enjoyed our time there. There were so many memorable moments….

  • Our group being charged by the silverback ( yes, it was very scary but exhilarating to have witnessed it!), and seeing our gorilla group at a stream, drinking, washing and playing 
  • Elephants having a mud bath right near our vehicle and then walking so close to our car we could have touched them.
  • Seeing a lioness hunting a gazelle, again so close I could have leant out my window and touch her. She was completely oblivious to us being there.
  • Seeing 3 lioness attack 4 young lioness to remove them from the pride.
  • Arriving at camp to see thousands of wildebeest in the valley below, it was incredible! Listening to the wildebeest grunting right outside our tent I won’t miss however! 
  • Our last Safari day was incredible. We went on a balloon safari. Superb sunrise skimming over treetops followed by an incredible breakfast in the middle of the bush. 

Thanks once again Stephanie for putting together such a wonderful adventure for us. I have had so many people comment about how they loved my Instagram posts. I will certainly pass on your details to any one who asks about our holiday.  – Julia Morello