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16 nights

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One of our return couples were looking for their next exciting Africa adventure. They had previously travelled throughout Southern and Eastern Africa, and were seeking a different experience that would both exhilarate and challenge.

The Republic of Congo was the next on the bucket list, and our founder and specialist Jono worked to create an itinerary that would offer a variety of safari activities throughout the Congo’s forests. The national parks and Falls of Uganda were also chosen, allowing guest to compare the stunning landscape of both countries.


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Guest feedback

We had a great trip, thanks again for organising. Entebbe arrival went well, and we had no issues with the eVisa. We were met at the airport by our guide, Male, and taken to Karibu Guesthouse. Here, we were walked through out itinerary and turned in for an early night. The next morning we went Shoebill viewing on Lake Victoria. It was great going out on the lake and over to the swamp, though no Shoebill were found during our time there. We were told it was the first time this year that no Shoebill were sighted. We met Male for our drive to Muchisons Falls. It was eight and a half hour drive, with a stop for lunch, and Male drove very well. We made it to Bakers Lodge, which has a lovely setting. The accommodation was very good, with a great pool for cooling off.

Murchisons Falls National Park is a nice drive around, though there is no off-roading. The boat ride to Murchisons Falls was excellent. Great having a small boat to ourselves, get right in close to the bank for elephant, giraffe, birds, hippos. We arranged to be picked up at Bakers rather than drive to the ferry crossing. Our guide was young and fun, Bentique Nigwomugisha, and we asked him to take us the next day on the Delta cruise, which he was able to. Loved the boat ride down the Delta as well, luckily saw a shoebill near the end of the 5 hours, otherwise no more chances.

The Chimp Habituation day was one of the best we have had in our trips, saw 3 wild chimps in the morning, other groups didn’t see one. Then in the afternoon we went to find the habituated ones, which was just fantastic. Saw the Alpha Male, 6 of his deputies, females, and young ones. We were very close to the Alpha for some time.

Overall Uganda was good fun, long days driving however we expected that.

Upon arrival at Brazzaville we got through with minimum fuss. A person found us and asked if we were Odzala, and so off we trotted and got through after paying for the visa. The Odzala reps met us outside, great reception, motivated people. Off to the hotel, which was fantastic, easy check in, Odzala did it all for us. Afterward, it was off on a city tour. It was very interesting, about 2 hours then late lunch, which is included in the tour. Normally they take you to lunch then the tour, we asked to do the tour and then lunch, which they accommodated. We had lovely guides and Ben from the office. Lunch was had in a good restaurant by the Congo River.

The next morning, we had a great breakfast at the hotel, and then checked out. Odzala had everything organised. We met the other guests, and then on to our flight. The flight was good, and our reception upon landing was excellent. We loading into the trucks to head to Ngaga, which is a two and a half hour drive. We ran into a forest bull elephant in musth as we left, which was a great sighting.

Ngaga Camp was lovely, deep in the forest. The rooms and amenities were great, and the food excellent.  Our guide for the 7 nights was Adi, a young South African. He was fantastic and looked after us very well.

We didn’t have to trek far or drive far to start our gorilla trek. Walking through the gorilla habitat was okay, different to Rwanda. It is very steamy, and you have to wear masks when near the gorillas. Cameras fog up, so do the glasses if you wear them. The gorillas were usually in the trees or thick plantation, which made viewing hard. The guides certainly tried their best.

Lango Bai, our last stop, was lovely with the deck overlooking the Bai. The only thing about the jungle is that you don’t see as many animals. We saw two bull elephants, a couple of buffalo, a bush buck, quite a few bird species, but not always close.

Odzala is not for the faint hearted! It is great to see and be in the Congo, but it’s for intrepid travellers, and you have to be advised of the times when birds, elephants or other animals will appear, what seasons and then what can you expect.

The Odzala team are great, and what they are doing from a conservation perspective is fantastic!