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Family Safaris in Africa

To go on safari with the family is to take part in one of life’s last great adventures and the magic is in precision planning. You yourself know the logistics required to ensure everybody young and old have fun on a stress free and truly memorable holiday.

An African family safari holiday is the ultimate vacation in Africa because children and adults get the opportunity to live out their favourite storybook. Wildlife in abundance, remote wilderness locations, fascinating cultures and friendly people will impress the fussiest family travellers. Most family safari newcomers seek lots of animals, beautiful landscapes, great family-friendly holiday accommodation and guides who really care about kids.

We take family safaris to a new level and offer fantastic safari holidays for children of all ages. There is a method to planning family safaris and that is in choosing destinations wisely, avoiding long flights with multiple stopovers, tedious driving and strenuous walking especially if kids are young.

As we start to look at family safari trips and ideas, we help you prepare your kids, talking to you and them about the difference between visiting animals in a zoo and being in the wild on safari.

It’s important that children understand and appreciate the need to sometimes be patient and quiet when a guide asks, especially when waiting to spot wildlife, in particular predators. We have a number of apps we recommend to families going on safari holidays so children can get excited about their safari trip and whilst travelling, tick off the wildlife and birds they spot in the bush.  The beauty is in being there, soon the gadgets and technology will get put away and you will find your children truly loving every moment on your family safari holiday.

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family holiday cape town south africa
family safari in africa
Watson Childer, Big 5 Safari Southern Africa
Botswana family safari fun
Botswana family safari fun Susanne Martin
family safari in africa cape town
family safari in africa
Family safari in africa
family safari in africa
family safari in africa
Botswana family safari fun Susanne Martin
Gorilla, Rwanda
East Africa, Family Safari
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Botswana family safari fun Susanne Martin
Kogatende camp, Tanzania
Botswana family safari fun Susanne Martin
Chitwa Chitwa,Sabi Sands South Africa
Watson family, Big 5 Safari Southern Africa
On the border of Tanzania and Kenya.
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Botswana Camp
Family Safari Mom and Daughter
Family Safari
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family holiday south africa
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How do we start the family safari planning process?

We love to jump in feet first and spend time getting to know you and the family. We have a safari briefing session in person or on the phone and ask questions like

  • Who is going with you on a family safari holiday?
  • How old is everybody?
  • What are their physical abilities?
  • Does anyone have fears or phobias?
  • What are the dietary and medical needs?
  • Why/how did a family holiday to Africa come up on the radar?
  • What is everybody interested in seeing and doing?
  • Any ideas on where you would like to go?
  • When are you able to travel?
  • How do you like to travel as a family on holiday?

Finally and most crucially, what is the budget you are working with? Talking about the family safari holiday budget is really important because it helps us to manage your expectations.

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What is the best African country for a family safari?

This is our most frequently asked question and the reality is there is not one definitive country best for your family safari. The reason for this is ‘best’ comes down to ‘variables’ of your family and preferences – what are you seeking from your safari vacation and what are your parameters like time, money and the age of your children at the time of travel.

Then it comes down to the season, weather and wildlife patterns in each of the countries we specialise.

Regardless of what country you choose for a family safari, the accommodation will play a crucial role. All safari camps and lodges have different conditions of stay, some welcome children of all ages whilst others do not accept children under a certain age.

If children are young, we recommend you consider booking a private safari guide and vehicle so you have total freedom to explore around the routine of your children.

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What age should I take the kids on safari?

In short, there isnt one because every child is different and Africa can cater for all ages, literally from babies to teenagers and multi generational families travelling. So the decision comes down to when you would be comfortable travelling with your kids in Africa and what you want out of the experience for everyone.

Whether you have tots (0 – 4), teens (12 – 19), grown ups (over 19) or in-betweens (5 – 11) there is something for every age.

Most importantly, don’t wait ‘until they are older’.  Safari holidays with babies are absolutely amazing trips because Mummy and Daddy deserve a break and shared holiday experience too. There are malaria free areas to explore so no medication is required for any of you. In these areas you will also discover outstanding, family focused accommodation options with babysitting, child minding and activities for toddlers to teens. It’s a great adventure holiday for mum and dad to get a break from reality of every day routine.

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How do we keep kids amused in Africa?

Travelling to Africa with kids is certainly an epic journey! We help you prepare for it and ensure everything is seamless so you just focus on enjoying every moment together.

Options are endless when it comes to family holidays in Africa. You can be city exploring one day, beach and island relaxing the next and the highlight of course a wildlife safari fuelled with adrenalin and adventure. Family safari activities like game drives are available for most ages depending on the accommodation terms and conditions. If you are looking for specific wildlife safaris like gorilla trekking or chimp trekking, canoeing, horse riding and walking there are strict age limits for safety reasons.  Safari guides and staff are so friendly and in the properties we choose for family safaris, kids are embraced, not just ‘accepted’. Give your children a camera (disposable or older camera), a note book and the guides and teams do the rest, happily catering to your kids’ interests, physical abilities and dietary needs.

We recommend that you don’t even try to fight technology, embrace it. We all know kids and technology gadgets go hand in hand.

We can recommend a number of apps that allow you and the kids to get excited about where you are going, track the journey and what you see and share it with friends along the way!

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Family Safari feedback

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We had the best family holiday in Tanzania. My son said it was the best holiday of his life (not bad for a 9 year old!)

Tanzania, Family holiday of a lifetime – DeSouza Family

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From start to finish we have had the absolute best service from Encompass Africa.

Southern Africa family adventure -Wheeler family

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Magical holiday!

Holiday of a lifetime -Goodwin family

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We will definitely return to Africa. It was an amazing family holiday.

Southern Africa Family holiday – Watson family

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Our holiday exceeded our expectations, It was absolutely fantastic!!!

Rwanda and Tanzania experience – Harris Family

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Fantastic itinerary created for our family with two boys aged 10 and 12 – very special memories!

Botswana and Zimbabwe Family Adventure – Ierino family.

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We could not have done what we did in Botswana on our own and what Encompass Africa created was magic.

Botswana Mobile & Remote Family Safari – Wilson family

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Truly amazing!

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