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African Safari Style Guide

The African holiday types available to you

This section is like a portfolio of inspiration, giving you information on what you can see and do on your African safari holiday. If it’s overwhelming, don’t worry. You can simply pick up the phone and start a conversation with us and one of the team will talk you through the holiday types that may interest you.

Anything is possible when you work with tailor-made African safari specialists like us.

We can create you a family safari, honeymoon in Africa, bush and beach safari, a four wheel drive safari tour, a self driving in South Africa adventure to horseriding safaris, walking safaris, photographic safaris, canoeing safaris and so much more.

So take your time to look through some of the holiday types and we are here to help when you’re ready.

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WHO of you are going on the

African safari holiday

A great way to start thinking about your African holiday is by considering who is going.

Are you a family looking for an inspiring shared safari experience? Family safaris are our speciality.

Are you romantics or newly weds with a desire to live the dream or honeymoon in Africa? We’ve got you covered.

Are you a group of friends wanting the very best African safari? You won’t regret it.

As a solo traveller in Africa, are you wanting something truly rewarding? We can make it happen.

Are you seeking African group tours?  We’ve handpicked the best.

Are you celebrating a special occasion or retirement? Let us be your personal safari celebration concierge.

African safaris

Who is seeking the holiday in Africa

WHAT is it you seek to experience on your

African safari holiday

Anything is possible when you tailor design African safari holidays for a living. We can help you accomplish the dream luxury African safari, a photographic safari to mountain climbing and gorilla trekking, wildlife safaris getting you close to the big five, birding, the great migration and so much more.

Your holiday itinerary does not have to be limited by just one safari style. You can pick and mix like a lolly shop and get all of your favourites together in one itinerary – that’s the beauty of tailor-made luxury safaris to Africa.

African safaris

What are you seeking from your holiday in Africa

HOW do you wish to experience your

African safari holiday

There are so many ways you can experience and get around during your African safari holiday. You can travel by luxury rail, light aircraft, private guided tailor made safari holidays right through to self drive holidays.

Then think about how you want to experience the wildlife. Is it a walking safari you seek? Do you prefer the comfort of a 4×4 safari or perhaps a canoeing safari or boating safari. Mobile camping safaris are a favourite of ours and horse riding safaris cover more ground than walking.

African safaris

How do you wish to experience your safari in Africa

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