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The friendliest country in Africa?

Tell anyone you’re going on holiday to Sudan, and their reaction will probably be one of shock and more than a little concern. After all, this is not exactly your ‘usual’ tourist destination. Long beset by conflict and tragedy, even now parts of this huge country remain off limits. However, the northeast of Sudan is one of the safest places in the world… and one of the most compelling. Very few travellers come here, but those who do are bewitched by its exquisite natural beauty and ancient historical attractions.

Here, in a land straddling the Islamic world and sub-Saharan Africa, there are extraordinary treasures that the rest of the world is only just beginning to discover. Go now before the word gets out! There’s the unspoiled natural beauty of the Nubian desert, a modern capital city where the White and Blue Niles become one, diving among gardens of coral and some of the finest wrecks on the planet, and more pyramids than Egypt – only here they’re usually enjoyed in glorious isolation rather than with throngs of other tourists.

But as much as the natural and man-made wonders will blow you away, it’s the people of Sudan who will capture your heart. The country is famous for being one of the friendliest and most hospitable places on Earth. Everyone who returns from a trip to Sudan comes back with epic stories of how they were unable to walk down any street without being invited into people’s homes for tea, food and marvellous, authentic interactions with friendly and curious locals. You’ll have never experienced hospitality like this before, and probably never will again. Strangers will welcome you into their homes, treat you like family, and lavish you with food, laughter and kindness. Even when you’ve left Sudan, a piece of your heart will always remain.

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Sudan resembles composite layers, like a genetic fingerprint of memories that were once fluid, but have since crystallised out from the crucible of possibility.”

-Jamal Mahjoub

Sudan at a glance

The North African country of Sudan borders the Red Sea, Egypt, Libya, Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea. It was once the largest country in Africa, but after the people of the south voted for independence, it split into two countries in July 2011: Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan. Sudan now has an area of around 1.86 million square kilometres, making it the third-largest country in Africa, after Algeria and Democratic Republic of the Congo. To give a comparison, it’s about three times the size of Texas. It has a population of around 43 million people, and around 114 native languages – Sudanese Arabic is the most widely spoken. Unlike so many places in the world, not many people speak English here, so be sure to learn some Arabic basics before you arrive and bring a phrasebook!

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