Destination Kenya

posted 4th November 2010 by Pixel Palace in Travel Advice

Kenya Wildlife safari

A top safari holiday for 2018

Have you been thinking about a safari holiday? Has Kenya come up on the radar? It’s a great choice and we can take you there. We’ve got quite a lot of information available on Kenya not to mention videos and photos. The information below is just a quick snapchat of our top tips for Destination Kenya…

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Amboseli National Park Safaris

This is Kilimanjaro’s kingdom

One of the most popular parks in Kenya for safari holidays is Amboseli. It is also the oldest and most visited  Kenya national park. You can expect endless panoramic vistas with Mount Kilimanjaro as your backdrop and emerald green swamps that support large herds of elephants. Permanent marshlands also attract hippo, buffalo and abundant birdlife. The highlights have to be the wildlife safari and predator action. You will hopefully see lion, cheetah, leopard and hyena in good numbers on your Amboseli safari. Walks with local Maasai guides is a brilliant experience too if you’re keen to get their perspective on wilderness, wildlife and everything in between.

We recommend visiting Amboseli National Park between June to October.


Masai Mara Safaris

Big Cats and Wildebeest Migration

This is where it all happens, the world renowned annual migration that sees half a million wildebeest crossing the Mara River each year from Tanzania’s Serengeti safari region into Kenya’s Masai Mara safari zone. A core component of the Serengeti ecosystem, the Masi Mara’s rolling grasslands, meandering rivers and towering escarpments offer some of the best wildlife experiences in Africa.You can also expect big cat action here with a healthy population of cheetahs and lions. Elephant and buffalo herds are big and wild and the fat pods of hippo wallow in the mud-brown rivers. Safari game drives are the primary activity whilst on safari in the Masai Mara and the best time of year is July to October.

Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Least visited, most dramatic

This Great Rift Valley Lake, Bogoria is a sinuous pewter-blue ribbon of mirrored water that is more often than not frosted pink with a million flamingos. It also showcases Kenya’s most spectacular volcanic springs, which spout devilish geysers. This World Heritage Site has around 200 individual springs that boil up through the earth’s prcariously shallow crust. The lake is bounded to the east by the imposing walls of the Siracho Escarpment, while the southern shore shines with gentle groves of figs and acacias and it is here you can expect to see massive herds of kudu.  There are over 220 species of birds recorded in this area and the largest herds of greater kudu. Hyena, jackal and leopard action is hot and of course the hottest feature is the steam erupting from the geysers.

This is a year round area to visit and walks are outstanding.

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